Terms of Service

1. Understanding Between Customer and Client:

By Placing a request accessible from webprogress24 store with your own data alongside the installment you concurred that you have read, acknowledged and consented to all the terms and state of this site.

2. Possession:

All the trademarks, Domin names, logo and the substance on that page are Owned and registered by Webprogress24.com.

3. Our Promise:

We generally guarantee the 100% fulfillment to our customer and you are guaranteed that you will get the quantity of sum that you are requested with request determination. From the beginning as your concurrence with webprogress24 that you won’t change the Order Specified URL till our Campaign is finished with our Order delivery status marked on the my account section.

4. Liability:

Webprogress24 is Not promised to increase your business sale through our promotion. And any kind of error with the Clients provided URL of Information during the Order such as; Link not found, That profile under review, profile suspension etc, the client will not be able to show responsible webprogress24 for the Above mentioned error. Also any kind of error if occurred to the URL provided by the client will not be a part of issue for refund. Any kind of update on the Listed services of webprogress24, if make any effect to the URL of client will not be a part of webprogress24’s liability and no refund will be issued . Clients may not claim any refund based on the fact that the “order was not as expected”, since every detail about the available packages is clearly explained in these Terms of Service. Clients shall not make an order if they do not clearly understand any of the points explained in these Terms of Service. It’s the client sole responsibility to read our Terms of Service.

5. Refund Policy?

 There will be no refund On the following case

  1. If webprogress24.com completed the order of the client.
  2. If webprogress24.com completed the order and the track or account or Video gone banned because of Youtube, Pinterest, soundcloud Or twitter Policy change Or update.
  3. In case of soundcloud service If the client make the track in private mode after starting the order by webprogress24.com and the team of webprogress24.com didn’t completed the order in time then there will be no refund and no partial refund. In that case we will contact the client asap.And client can set the track on private mode only after contacting with us.
  4. If the client take same service from different seller at the same time ( EX: Ordered 100 likes from webprogress24.com and at the same time Client ordered 100 likes from another seller) And after making delivery if the client asked for any claim mentioning that webprogress24.com didn’t completed the part.

There will be Partial Refund On the following case

  1. If webprogress24.com failed to deliver the order in mentioned time frame then client will get the refund (** if client asked for it ) of the amount calculated on the basis of remaining service.
  2. If webprogress24.com started the service but clients asked for a refund then client will get the refund as per the above mentioned terms of Partial refund policy.

There will be Full Refund On the following case

  1. If webprogress24.com failed to start the service in 48 hours and client asked for a refund.
  2. If client asked for refund before starting the order.

6. Privacy:

All the information collected from the client by the time of order such as; user name, password, email address, address, phone number will be secured in database. These will be only used to contact the client for any kinda order update or delivery only. These information will be not disclose to anyone outside world and no one will know that the client purchase the likes, followers, or views or plays from these website.

7. Account suspension:

Webprogress24 will not be liable to any of our clients for any kinda suspension, limitation or removed to the url, account or profile due the use of our service. Client will use the service at their own Risk as the Online market is totally uncertain and the Social Media sites are changing their terms and policy so frequently.

If any Question Please contact

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